Waeco SinePower MSI wireless display

Interfacing Waeco SinePower wirelessly

This little project describes, how you can easily access the remote port of a Waeco (dometic) SinePower inverter wirelessly.

I received the RS 232 protocoll description from dometic - like offered in the manual - and programmed around with the arduino development system and XBEE wireless connection.

The technology should be applicable to SinePower MSI 912, 924, 1312, 1324, 1812, 1824, 1812T and 1824T.

I had a 1812, like shown in the pictures.

Target of the project - transferring data wirelessly to a LCD

  • transferring battery voltage (input: 12 VDC or 24 VDC)

  • transferring output voltage of the inverter

  • transferring output currrent of the inverter

  • transferring output power of the inverter

  • transferring output frequency of the inverter

  • further development: showing data at a little self-refreshing web page

  • further development: transferring the state of a switch connected to the base station wirelessly to the remote inverter station to control a relay for braking a wind generator.

A 4 x 20 character LCD will be used.


Hardware setup

Hardware setup

Descriptions of what you need to assemble the hardware and manufacture a simple but uncommon serial cable.

Software programming

Software programming

Getting the code to use in the base station and the remote inverter station.

Serial Protocoll WAECO SinePower MSI

Serial Protocoll WAECO SinePower MSI

The serial protocol for the Dometic Waeco SinePower MSI 900-1800 inverters.

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